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Trisuli, Rafting in Nepal

Best Rivers for Rafting in Nepal

Besides Nepal being regarded as the Iconic home for beautiful mountains and enchanting trekking paths.It is also a hub of compelling water bodies. Owing to this, Nepal is a good place for rafting trips since it has more than enough places to do rafting. To make your trip smooth and excellent, you should attach yourself to a Rafting company in pokhara that has the know-how of the way things are in Nepal. Rafting is a good outdoor activity to do especially for those who love waters. Below are some of the top water bodies where you can wonderfully do your rafting activity.

The Spellbinding Sun Kosi River

It is the number one river for rafting in Nepal and among the top ten rivers in the whole world. It has clean white running waters that run in between two black rock walls. These walls make its water to be clean and protected. The Natives call it the ‘’river of gold’’ because of the white sand shores that it has plus the sparkling white waters. It is a big river which means you can enjoy a satisfactory ride before you get off your boat.

The Trisuli River 

Trisuli, Rafting in NepalThis river is one of a kind due to the spectacular features that it contains. If you are bored and you want to just go for Rafting in Nepal consider this place to be among your rafting places of choice.  It has big buoyance rapids, excellent swimming spots, and cliff jumps as well as viewpoints. You will stand and see the fascinating beauty of what is surrounding the river. This is a river that is even surrounded by mountains so you can go for mountain climbing. It’s an exciting and interesting place that has all the rafting treasures one could want.

The Kali Gandaki River 

This is one of the attractive rivers in Nepal, and it is located at the Lakeside of Pokhara. Besides having clean running water, it has tropical rain forests and tall mountains that make the place look extremely beautiful. For those who want to maximally interact with nature, this is the ultimate place to visit. It was named after mighty superior Goddess Kali. Both the beginners and experts of Best rafting in Nepal always find this place unique and worth their time.

To conclude, Nepal has the best rivers that can make your rafting experience one of a kind. All you need to do is to ensure that you plan well, find a Rafting company in Pokhara and start your trip. Make sure that you carry your rafting gear, get a high-quality boat or raft, an experienced person and a guide for you to have an excellent rafting experience. Plan your accommodation prior to your trip. Make sure that you verify your flights to avoid any mishaps in your journey to Nepal. If you get the best rafting company, you might end up forgetting to go back home .

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