Canoying - Coming Soon

Nepal is chosen as a Canyoning destination by many tourists due to the charming waterfalls flowing through big mountains rocks in same amazing parts of the country.
The adventure begins by taking a early morning drive from Pokhara about 3 hours of driving to Pokhara-Narayanghat highway. Carry your gripped shoes, Go-pros, extra clothes and head off the scenery of mountains, hills and river views on the way during your journey will make you relax.

There will be a short breaks along the way to enjoy cup of tea or coffee served in the highway restaurant and then continue to our unique canyoning zone called JALBIRE.

The canyoning begins with a short series of instructions from our guides, he will help you to put on your harness and life jacket and instincts you about abseiling down with the help of ropes. make sure you are wear a gripped shoes because of the rocks are very slippery and it’s easy to lose your balance on the rocks. The guide will tell you about what position you should take while you go down the waterfall. The fun begins with you abseiling from a stream down the small cliff, and then you are on the cross five waterfalls that are each about 45-50 meters high. And experience the most exciting sliding upside down from the stream and jumping off a huge cliff into the pristine natural pool below.

We believe this fantastic trip provides unforgettable experience!


Kayaking $100 per day

Kayak hire $25 per day

Wendy Rockett

My boyfriend & I had a fantastic time doing the 3-day 2-night beginner kayak trip down the lower Seti River with Riverrunner Expeditions in April 2022. Dip was our main guide and he really took the time to help me learn the techniques. I was determined to be able to roll in my kayak and he hung with me as I attempted over and over and over. The rest of the crew was also so friendly and helpful. Meals were generous and thoughtfully prepared. Don't hesitate to go with Rapidrunner Expeditions.

Nuala Malone

Did the 4 days beginner kayak course after the Anapurna circuit. İt was so good. The experience was relaxed because of the camping and nice beach spots we had lunch etc in. and then the rapids were really good. Learnt a lot, felt safe and comfortable. And it was a way nicer journey to chitwan than the bus 🤟 do iiitttt

Ganga Gurung

The whole experience was super thrilling as the team was super professional as well as friendly. Loved my experience with them with a cliff jump and swimming break on top of it. Didn't feel like it was my first rafting adventure at all. They ensured safety of each one of us and can assure you they're amazing at their job(had a first hand experience when one of our mate actually fell off from the raft). Definitely choosing them for my future rafting expeditions in pokhara.

Gautron Grégoire

Amazing trip with Dip and his Crew. We learned a lot during these 4 days, shared stories and experience. We felt safe at any time and had lot of fun. Furthermore, the food was amazing and we were full after every meals! If you want to learn kayaking, don't hesitate ang go with rapid runner expedite 🤘

Winter Heath

Had a great 3 day rafting trip on the holy river with sauraj and team, would highly recommend! The team was friendly, always made sure we were comfortable, and made tasty meals for us 🙂