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Trisuli, Rafting in Nepal

Best Rivers for Rafting in Nepal

Besides Nepal being regarded as the Iconic home for beautiful mountains and enchanting trekking paths.It is also a hub of compelling water bodies. Owing to this, Nepal is a good place for rafting trips since it has more than enough places to do rafting. To make your trip smooth and[…]

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Rafting in nepal

Rafting in Nepal

If you are in Nepal and would like to test your adrenaline, there are plenty or rivers to do this. Rafting in Nepal is popular due to the over 1,000 rivers available. In fact, some of the finest white waters can be found in the spectacular rivers here. Whether you[…]

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Rafting in Pokhara

How to Plan for the Best Rafting in Pokhara

Rafting in Pokhara is an integral activity if you have never visited the region. In addition to trekking, there are many rafting opportunities in the area. If you have never been white water rafting, do not panic. Everyone has to begin somewhere. The important thing to consider is the people you[…]

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