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Rafting in nepal

Rafting in Nepal

If you are in Nepal and would like to test your adrenaline, there are plenty or rivers to do this. Rafting in Nepal is popular due to the over 1,000 rivers available. In fact, some of the finest white waters can be found in the spectacular rivers here. Whether you are a beginner rafter or you are an expert, this Himalayan land guarantees you an exciting experience.

Organizing Rafting in Nepal

You can either organize your rafting tour once you get there or you can do it prior with a certified tour company. You have to be careful about your safety. If you would like to experience white water rafting when in the country, then you do not have to worry about organizing it. You can get a great rafting company in Pokhara once you are there. There are many tour companies lined up in the streets which you can consult with. Ensure that they make your safety a priority with their equipment.

The Best Time for Water Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in PokharaThe best rafting in Nepal can be experienced between the month of March and June as well as between September and October. This is because the rivers have rapids due to the monsoon rains and snow melt respectively.  From December to February it is not a good time to raft as it is usually cold while in the following months, rapids are so intense. The rivers are too full for an exciting rafting.

Do I Get Safety Gears with Rafting Companies?

Beginner rafters can be so worried about their safety, unlike those advanced or test-my-adrenaline enthusiasts. No matter how many times you have gone for water rafting, your safety comes first. In order to experience the best rafting in Pokhara, a rafting company gives you a dry bag.

Scenic Rafting with a Rafting Company in Nepal

You do not just go white rafting, and when you are through with the rapids, your experience ends there. During your best rafting in Phokara, you will double your experience. The various rivers offers spectacular views of this Himalayan land that are known to be home to majestic mountains. The Upper River Seti is one of those rivers with spectacular views. The waters in the river are quite clear, beautiful views of the Annapurna Mountains and a spectacular gorge. It is a rewarding experience for all visitors.

If you opt to go for rafting in Nepal, you should be braced for a lifetime experience and different experiences considering that there are hundreds of rivers. There are plenty of rivers where you can test your adrenaline and rafting companies to guide you through. If you are going for rafting for a few days, you should have a sleeping bag and a dry bag. If you have an adventurous spirit and you have never tried rafting, this should be in your priority list when you visit Phokara.  With rafting experts, you should not be worried about your safety.

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