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Best rafting in Pokhara Nepal

Essential Things to Remember when Rafting in Nepal

Thanks to the unique landscape, Nepal has been bestowed with some of the most amazing river that is ideal for rafting.  Most tourists visit the country for trekking, but rafting is not something that you should ignore.  If you want to experience Nepal at its fullest, the best rafting in Nepal is not just about the rush of adrenaline, it will also let you experience the different side of this stunning country.

Guide to Rafting in Nepal

Some of these tips are provided by the rafting company in Pokhara.  Remember these things to make sure that you will enjoy your vacation.

When to Travel to Nepal

Rafting in NepalThe month of the year is one of the things that you need to consider when rafting in Nepal.  During the month of July to September, the volume of the water is ten times more than the month of February-March.   Throughout this time, the waters of Nepal can only be accessed by the experts.  If you are a beginner, best rafting in Pokhara is during the month of October-November.  This is also known as the peak of the rafting season.  The water becomes smoother but colder during the month of December up to February.

The Cost

The trips that are booked in the rafting company in Pokhara normally costs at approximately $25-$80 per day.  The cost may vary depending on the service standard, amount of people joining the party and the river.  In case you are going on a trip in Kali Gandaki or Trisuli to experience the best rafting in Nepal, you will normally be charged $30-$40 per day.  This cost will generally include transportation, tent and a decent meal.


Rafting company in Pokhara typically utilize paddle raft wherein everyone is required to paddle while someone at the rear serves as the guide.  In most of the tips, the guide will be responsible for most of the activities such as letting you relax and enjoy the scenic views of Nepal.  In most cases, the agency will tell you about the things you need to bring.  The basic things you need are short, t-shirt, spare batteries, flashlight or head torch, towel, shoes and extra clothes.  Some companies will provide you with paddling jackets, thermal tops, and wetsuits. Waterproof bags, foam mattresses, and tent, will also be supplied by the company.

Safety Tips

Generally, rafting in Nepal is considered safe.  The accident rate is much lower compared to skiing or mountain biking.  But the government is setting the standard to ensure that your experience will completely be safe and secured.  At the very least, the rafting company in Pokhara should provide you with a well-functioning raft, complete first-aid kit, helmet and life jacket.  They should provide you with 2 rafts in the event that one of them overturned.

The things we mentioned above are some of the things that can affect your rafting in Nepal.  By following some of these tips, you can guarantee that your travel will be fulfilling, relaxing, fun and completely safe.

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