Rapidrunner Expeditions – The Best Rafting in Nepal, based in Pokhara

Family Rafting

We are a family run company and so we understand how great it is to get on the river and enjoy the beautiful Nepalese scenery with the whole family. We can take you on a 2 day family trip on the Lower Seti River which has been specially designed with families and children in mind. We also understand that it can be expensive to pay for everything on a family holiday so we can offer you special family rates which apply to any family group combination of adults and children under 16.

(All members of the group must be related and at least 1 member of the family must be under 16)

The minimum age for this trip is 5 years, but we will make a decision about the suitability of the trip for your children when you meet with us. We do need under 16’s to be able to swim confidently and to be strong enough to cope with the activity level of this trip.

Flowing from Mount Fishtail, this picturesque river passes through two contrasting scenic areas with white beaches and warm blue water. This two day trip is perfect for the entire family and is ideal for combining with travel between Kathmandu and Pokhara or with going on Safari at the Chitwan National Park.

River Grade: 3+

Departs from: Pokhara, Kathmandu or Chitwan

Put In: Damauli (1hr by bus from Pokhara, 7hrs from Kathmandu, 5hrs from Chitwan)

Take Out: Gai Ghat (5hrs by bus to Pokhara, 6hrs to Kathmandu and 45mins to Chitwan)

Returns to: Pokhara, Kathmandu or Chitwan

Accommodation: 1 night tented beach camp

Meals: 2 X lunch, 1 X dinner, 1 X breakfast

Children: Ages 5 – 16 are normally allowed

Baggage: Take only what you need, we can securely store the rest for you in our office and if you are traveling on to a new destination, one of our team can bring your bags to the takeout.

Included: Raft Guides, Safety Kayakers, Support Staff, Rafting equipment, inc. CE rated helmet and buoyancy aid, Spray Jacket, Wetsuits if required, Meals, Transportation to and from the river, Waterproof ‘Pelican’ boxes, Dry Bags, Camping Equipment

Excluded: Insurance, Sleeping Bag, Additional snacks, Alcoholic drinks, Optional tips for guides

Special Provisions for Family Trips:

  • CE Rated child size Buoyancy Aids and Helmets – river gear only works if it fits correctly!
  • Additional safety kayakers to ensure super fast rescue and to be ‘lifeguards’ when your kids want to swim
  • Raft Guide Team with additional training in Child CPR and First Aid techniques
  • Raft Guide Team with additional training in river guiding with children on board
  • Child friendly menus – including marshmallows to cook over the campfire!