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Rafting in Pokhara

Imagine Rafting in Nepal and Enjoying Every Minute of It

Rafting in NepalYour trip to Nepal will be incomplete if you don’t try rafting in one of its rivers. The country is rich in water resources, and most of its rivers originate from the Himalayas. And this makes rafting in Nepal an experience of a lifetime. The activity is one of the country’s top adventure activities, alongside trekking and climbing.

The rivers of Nepal come from the glaciers of the Himalayas.
means riding down the waves and rapids of the rushing mountain rivers in an inflatable raft. It is definitely an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Just make sure that you choose the right rafting company in Pokhara that can guarantee your safety.

Best Rafting in Nepal – The Basics

Before you experience the best rafting in Pokhara, you should first know about the basics. You should learn about the grading system of the rivers, with Grade 1 being the calmest and Grade as the most dangerous. If it is your first time to try rafting in Nepal but is at home in water and in good physical shape, then you can go on Grade 1 to Grade 3 Rivers. If you have prior rafting experience, then you can go on rivers with higher grades.

To experience the best rafting in Nepal, you should book your trip between September and early December. It is also recommended to try rafting in Nepal between the months of March and June. However, you should take note that the rivers tend to be rougher during September to October and May to June. Those are monsoon seasons, and the water of the rivers increase up to ten times their normal levels.

The best rafting in Pokhara is experience between mid-October and early December, After December, the water too cold. No matter which month you choose to go rafting in Nepal, be sure to have someone with you. A good rafting company in Pokhara will always have at least two rafts during a trip. That way they can help each other during emergency situations.

Best Rafting in Nepal

You should try rafting on the Karnali River, which is the largest and longest river in the country. The river starts from the KanzirobaHimal glacier and Mount Kailash in Tibet. You can also have a good rafting experience on the Bhotoe River that’s near the Sino-Nepal border. It is near Kathmandu, which makes it one of the most popular sites for rafting in Nepal.

A rafting company in Pokhara can also take you to the Sun Kosi River, which is a three-hour drive from the capital. People describe their experience on the river as a roller coaster ride because some parts have calm waters, and other portions are rough.

Overall, rafting in Nepal is a fun experience that you should try at least once in your lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or have rafting experience, there are routes for everyone.

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