The Sun Kosi is one of the longest river trips in Nepal and will take you on a stunning river journey across Nepal, from the rushing torrents of the high mountains to the calm of the Gangatic plain. So if you want an adventure of a lifetime, rafting one of the top ten river journeys in the world, then this is the river for you! 

As the Sun Kosi flows southward it is fed by several rivers entering from the North that drain Himalayan peaks including the Mount Everest. The confluences of the rivers regularly change the character of the river from amazing wide valley sections and large sandy islands to narrow jungle gorges and corridors.

Trip Details

On average you can expect the trip to take 9 days, however we can tailor this trip to your requirements, adding extra rest days or excursions to nearby villages. Post monsoon (Oct-Nov) it can be rafted in 8 days, or kayaked in 6 days The river starts with easy rapids and builds up to a climax at about the halfway point. From there it remains at a good level through the jungle corridor after-which, it flattens considerably before a final adrenaline hit at the Big dipper (4).

From the first day you encounter big and bouncy wave trains at class 2-3 and then the excitement starts as you reach the Meat-grinder rapid (4-) close to the confluence of the Tamba Kosi. From here class 3+ to 4- is the order of the day, with some rapids like High Anxiety (4-) which are just massive surf waves during early October descents.

The Hardest rapid Hakapur (5-) is just before the halfway point and often a lay-over day follows at Little Devisthan beach. Below here the Dudh kosi enters and the river narrows into the jungle corridor – Imaginative names of rapids within (Rhino rock, No Quiche, Dummy to the wall, Roller coaster & El Wasto!)

The river continues with several more rapids at a lower grade. The Arun and Tamur rivers join just before the Sun Kosi breaks out of the valley it has been held in for 270Km, and flows into the vastness of the Gangatic plain taking it eventually draining into the Bay of Bengal.

River Grade: III+ – IV (V)

Departs from: Kathmandu

Put In: Dholaghat (3hrs by private bus from Kathmandu)

Take Out: Chatra (12hrs by private bus to Kathmandu – alternatively a 30min flight can be taken at additional cost)

Returns to: Kathmandu

Accommodation: 7 nights tented beach camp, 1 night in Bus

Meals: 9 X lunch, 8 X dinner, 8 X breakfast

Baggage: Take only what you need, we can securely store the rest for you in our office

Included: Raft Guides, Safety Kayakers, Support Staff, Rafting equipment, inc. CE rated helmet and buoyancy aid, Spray Jacket, Wetsuits if required, Meals, Transportation to and from the river, Waterproof ‘Pelican’ boxes, Dry Bags, Camping Equipment

Excluded: Insurance, Sleeping Bag, Additional snacks, Alcoholic drinks, Optional tips for guides


Leave Kathmandu, travel by bus for 3 hours to the river, unpack and lunch, begin river trip early afternoon.

Past ‘Meat grinder’, and the Tamba Kosi Confluence.
‘Punch and Judy’, Likhu khola confluence and maybe as far as ‘High Anxiety’.

Past ‘High Anxiety’, to Hakapur village & rapid.

(Optional layover day at Little Devisthan beach is often added here)
Dudh Kosi confluence, ‘Jaws’, camp above jungle corridor.
Probably the best, numerous big class 4’s in the jungle corridor, ‘Rhino rock’, ‘El Wasto’ and others.
Out of the corridor, ‘Big Dipper’
Arrive Chatra, pack, bus to Kathmandu.
Arrive Kathmandu.

All members of the Rapidrunner Guide Team are trained to international standards in Safety and First Aid and hold current Wilderness First Aid, CPR and WRT qualifications!

Wendy Rockett

My boyfriend & I had a fantastic time doing the 3-day 2-night beginner kayak trip down the lower Seti River with Riverrunner Expeditions in April 2022. Dip was our main guide and he really took the time to help me learn the techniques. I was determined to be able to roll in my kayak and he hung with me as I attempted over and over and over. The rest of the crew was also so friendly and helpful. Meals were generous and thoughtfully prepared. Don't hesitate to go with Rapidrunner Expeditions.

Nuala Malone

Did the 4 days beginner kayak course after the Anapurna circuit. İt was so good. The experience was relaxed because of the camping and nice beach spots we had lunch etc in. and then the rapids were really good. Learnt a lot, felt safe and comfortable. And it was a way nicer journey to chitwan than the bus 🤟 do iiitttt

Ganga Gurung

The whole experience was super thrilling as the team was super professional as well as friendly. Loved my experience with them with a cliff jump and swimming break on top of it. Didn't feel like it was my first rafting adventure at all. They ensured safety of each one of us and can assure you they're amazing at their job(had a first hand experience when one of our mate actually fell off from the raft). Definitely choosing them for my future rafting expeditions in pokhara.

Gautron Grégoire

Amazing trip with Dip and his Crew. We learned a lot during these 4 days, shared stories and experience. We felt safe at any time and had lot of fun. Furthermore, the food was amazing and we were full after every meals! If you want to learn kayaking, don't hesitate ang go with rapid runner expedite 🤘

Winter Heath

Had a great 3 day rafting trip on the holy river with sauraj and team, would highly recommend! The team was friendly, always made sure we were comfortable, and made tasty meals for us 🙂