Thrilling Rafting Adventures amidst Himalayan Rivers

Embark on adrenaline-pumping rafting escapades with WhiteWater Nepal. Our expert team ensures an unforgettable journey through the majestic rivers of the Himalayas. Experience the thrill of conquering exhilarating rapids, surrounded by stunning landscapes and pristine nature.

Easy (Family-friendly) Trips

Lower Seti $150

Duration: 2 days
Grade: 2 to 3

Trisuli $50

Duration: 1 day
Grade: 2 to 3

Advanced Trips

Upper Seti $40

Duration: Half day
Grade: 3 to 3+

Marsyangdi $240

Duration: 2 days
Grade: 3 to 5

Kali Gandaki $240

Duration: 3 days
Grade: 3/4


Sun Kosi $800

Duration: 8 days
Grade: 3/4

Tamur $1600

Duration: 12 days
Grade: 4 to 4+

Karnali $1200

Duration: 10 days
Grade: 4

Specialist Expeditions

The Join Adventures Team is a team of highly qualified and experienced paddlers who specialize in extended multi river expeditions.

Expeditions are unique in that every expedition is facilitated by a minimum of 3 Join Adventures Leadership Team Members.

Providing the highest standard of professionalism, dedication and sharing of local and team culture.

Tailored expeditions range from 10 to 40 days as all inclusive packages.

Grading System

Rivers here are graded from class I to VI with class I with easy-moving water with few obstacles, and class VI being considered nearly impossible to navigate and a hazard to life. Anyone who is in reasonable physical shape and not afraid of water can safely go rafting on rivers with grading from I to III. From IV to VI, people should be active, confident and preferably have some rafting experience.

Grading: from I to VI

Grading of the rivers vary with the season, since their discharge varies. They are turbulent and wild and adventure during the monsoon season, similarly due to the low water level in spring become fast current and become mild in winter. So the grading information based on Autumn October to November.

Class I – Easy: Moving water with occasional small rapids. Few or no obstacles.
Class II – Moderate: Small Rapids with regular waves. Some maneuvering required but easy to navigate.
Class III – Difficult: Rapids with irregular waves and hazards that need avoiding. More difficult maneuvering required but routes are normally obvious. Scouting from shore is occasionally required.
Class IV – Very Difficult: Large rapids that require careful maneuvering. Dangerous hazards. Scouting from shore is often necessary and rescue is difficult. Kayakers should be able to roll. Turbulent water and large irregular waves may flip rafts. In the event of mishap, there is significant risk of loss damage and/or injury.
Class V- Extremely Difficult: Difficulties of class 5 carried out to the extreme of navigability. Might possible (but not probably) be run by a team of experts at the right water level, in the right conditions with all possible safety precautions, but still with considerable hazard to life.
Class VI – Extremely Dangerous: Classified as unraftable. All previous difficulties increased to the limit of practicability. Very confused, very violent, exploding and folding water so difficult that controlled navigation by raft is virtually impossible.

Wendy Rockett

My boyfriend & I had a fantastic time doing the 3-day 2-night beginner kayak trip down the lower Seti River with Riverrunner Expeditions in April 2022. Dip was our main guide and he really took the time to help me learn the techniques. I was determined to be able to roll in my kayak and he hung with me as I attempted over and over and over. The rest of the crew was also so friendly and helpful. Meals were generous and thoughtfully prepared. Don't hesitate to go with Rapidrunner Expeditions.

Nuala Malone

Did the 4 days beginner kayak course after the Anapurna circuit. İt was so good. The experience was relaxed because of the camping and nice beach spots we had lunch etc in. and then the rapids were really good. Learnt a lot, felt safe and comfortable. And it was a way nicer journey to chitwan than the bus 🤟 do iiitttt

Ganga Gurung

The whole experience was super thrilling as the team was super professional as well as friendly. Loved my experience with them with a cliff jump and swimming break on top of it. Didn't feel like it was my first rafting adventure at all. They ensured safety of each one of us and can assure you they're amazing at their job(had a first hand experience when one of our mate actually fell off from the raft). Definitely choosing them for my future rafting expeditions in pokhara.

Gautron Grégoire

Amazing trip with Dip and his Crew. We learned a lot during these 4 days, shared stories and experience. We felt safe at any time and had lot of fun. Furthermore, the food was amazing and we were full after every meals! If you want to learn kayaking, don't hesitate ang go with rapid runner expedite 🤘

Winter Heath

Had a great 3 day rafting trip on the holy river with sauraj and team, would highly recommend! The team was friendly, always made sure we were comfortable, and made tasty meals for us 🙂